Who we are

Since 1961 the Ferrigno Family runs the Hotel

In this ancient village called Scala, Antonio Ferrigno, better known as Zi' Ntonio, decided to start a small Guesthouse and Restaurant , together with his wife Lucia Belviso and his sons who still run the firm and who, over the years, with the same enthusiasm and devotion to work shown by their founding father, have developed and enlarged the firm making it ever more comfortable and welcoming so as to make it a Hotel and Restaurant appreciated by all.

With an ingrained flair and a great sense of hospitality, the proprietors have always made resident guests and Restaurant patrons feel comfortable, welcome and well looked after. The food is genuine , refined and characterized by the inclusion of products from the nearby Ferrigno family owned orchards, adjacent to the Hotel.

The Ferrigno family have made the culinary art their uttermost strength which, aided by the experience and mastery of Zia Maria, Chef and Supervisor, have made it unique and widely sought after.



The Hotel and Restaurant Zi' Ntonio is open all year round and is set in a delightful position on a lush green hill, 360 metres above sea level. It is right opposite the town centre of Ravello and is surrounded by chestnut woods where really healthy fresh air can be enjoyed.
Every bedroom has central heating, private bathroom, terrace and are all quiet and most comfortable.
This venue is at the heart of the Amalfi Coast, also known as the Divine Coast, and is ideal for any kind of stay in an oasis of peace.

  • There are large terraces and Gardens
  • There is a restaurant overlooking the sea
  • There are ample rooms for banqueting , conferences and meetings
  • Bar
  • Solarium
  • Swimming pool


“At a gunshot distance from Ravello there is Scala with the Hotel Zi' Ntonio where lovers find passion and elder couples peace. Poised on Ravello, Villa Cimbrone can be best enjoyed in perspective from Scala. Everything from Scala gains a sweeter measure, more tranquility, more serenity.”By Domenico Rea

“Oh sweet nest of silent eagle, amongst large hills suspended veranda, in you converge the powerful breath of the sweet vision which garlands you. In your forehead smiles the proud Town which sleeps in the silence of Villas that mystical Crib which lives in the grass and the history which Heaven endowed...”By Prof. Domenico Irace

“I am still here in your clear shadow, Hotel Zi' Ntonio, to enjoy again the hours I lived so sweet and vigorous even among merry friends from the chosen few. Your superhuman peace I live again which shrouds me in a wave of Beauty: That longed for peace which heals while giving the heart vigor and youth...”By Prof. Domenico Irace